Ways to know you suck in making out

You are either a bad kisser or a good kisser and you should know which side you belong to. Great kissers have mastered the art of kissing in such a way that makes their partners swoon.

The following are some of the ways to know if you are a bad kisser:

1. Hard biting

Biting is sexy unless you are overdoing it. If you bite so hard, it can ruin a good make-out session because it hurts and can also make your partner uncomfortable.

2. Bad breath

If you do everything right but mess up this one, that messes everything out.

Why? great kissers know that the biggest thing one needs for a memorable kiss is a fresh breath. If you don’t know this, then it’s time to start keeping your breath fresh.

3. Kiss or swallow

Some people open their mouths so wide that they look like they are eating their partner. If you kiss like you intend to swallow your partner, you are obviously a wack.

4. Too much saliva

This will literally draw you into shame if you don’t stop soon. No one wants this, in fact, too much saliva irritates the partner and they will be avoiding to kiss you next time.

5. Wrong use of the tongue

Don’t use your tongue as if you are interested in cleaning your partner’s teeth with it. Neither should you use it as if it’s a sword to keep the other person’s tongue at bay?

6. Teeth clashing

It’s Ok if it happens once in a while, but it’s bad if it happens a lot. Watch out and be careful not to let it happen.

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