Rhianna and Saudi billionaire break up in strange circumstance

Rihanna Has Reportedly Dumped Her Billionaire Boyfriend Because She Gets ‘Tired Of Men’
You know when you’re in a relationship and after a year everything’s going smoothly and then BOOM, out of nowhere you get dumped. It hits you like a freight train and you’re left wondering what happened or what you did wrong to cause such a sudden split.

Well, Rihanna might be able to help you understand.

The ‘Umbrella’ star has reportedly split with her billionaire boyfriend and Saudi businessman, Hassan Jameel. They’d been dating for a year and according to MediaTakeOut, it’s for a pretty blunt reason.

A friend has told the site: “It was a good relationship, but now it’s over. Of course Rihanna broke his heart. That’s what she does: break[s] men’s hearts. Rihanna just got tired of him. She gets tired of men sometimes.”

Yikes – that’s a dagger to the heart.

In her defence, the Barbados beauty has been involved in not only music, but also the all-female Ocean’s 8, her domineering make-up line and launching a lingerie line called Savage x Fenty. That probably doesn’t leave much room for a relationship with a Saudi billionaire.

Poor Hassan.

Rihanna has also been fending off attacks from angry Catholics after the singer wore an incredibly intricate outfit at the Met Gala.

When she turned up to the prestigious even wearing a mitre hat, the internet was full of those with their hackles up about her choice of attire.

“It feels expensive! It would be a sin not to wear it,” said Rihanna to Vogue, in what is either one of the weakest puns of all time or a startling lack of self-awareness.

We’ll give Rihanna the benefit of the doubt and say that she’s probably trying to crack a joke – though naturally, it didn’t go down too well with the Catholic Church.

One person tweeted: “@rihanna I love you but showing up with a pope head piece is so offensive to me. As someone raised in a catholic household I think the #MetGala2018 is a mockery of Christian religion and highly disrespectful on so many levels.”

Another added: “So you can’t wear an Native American outfit for Halloween because it’s offensive, but Rihanna can dress like the Pope and she gets praised (???). Not only is she dressed as the Pope, her outfit sexualises it. Ok.”

Okay, again in her defence, the Met Gala theme was ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’ – which she kind of nailed on the head

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