Reason why he ignores you

Yikes! I literally heard the sound of your ego getting bruised when you suddenly realized that he is deliberately ignoring your calls and texts.

If you are wondering why, here are few pointers. I hope they help and that you are able to shrug it off and move on.

1. You bore him

It is possible that each time you talked, your conversations revolved around the same things and now he is just tired and wants to move on without you.

2. You seem clingy

You two are just getting to know each other but you already seem super-attached, like trying to call him all the time and know what he is up to always. No guy likes this.

3. You’re not his type of girl

This doesn’t mean it is your fault. Maybe he realized early enough that you weren’t compatible and he didn’t want to spell it out to you so he is letting you off easy.

4. He is a player

You should be glad he is ignoring you if this is the reason. Possibly he realized his charms won’t work on you or if you notice he only calls you at night then he is probably looking for a booty call so watch out.

5. He’s married/dating

If you are his side chick then it may not always be convenient for him to pick your calls. You would have to watch him closely to know this for sure.

6. You pissed him off

In the course of some conversation, you could have upset him by a joke you cracked or something and he is fuming. Simply ask if you upset him when you get the chance again


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