An interview with Engr. Austin

10 reasons I have chosen NORLAND over other MLM business.

By Engr Augustine

(1) Norland products are all organic, natural and stem cells certified

(2) Norland has all products for all health challenges

(3) Norland products doesn’t have any side effects at all and also works hand in hand along your orthodox treatments

(4) they have the best practical and favouring compensation plans

(5) Norland has bonuses in this categories, CAR, TRAVELLING TRIPS, HOUSE, SCHOLARSHIP FOR YOUR KIDS, LUXURY CARS.

(6) in respect of how your making money in NORLAND, they also compensate their prospects with the PRODUCTS Bonuses and incentives, as far as your making money in norland your also getting products as well free that you can use for your family or choose to sell them off

(7) you can monitor all your downlines and see your progress from your own back office and see if your downlines are making progress or not

(8) your can start making money from indirect downlines you never worked for to get through spillover in Norland

(9) Norland is in over 48 countries and they are into real life working supplements and also it’s not an internet business but real.

(10) Norland is only two years in Nigeria and has done over 12 car awards in different states in Nigeria and also giving out over 500 cars in just two years and lot of people earn 6 figures currency weekly

By Engr Augustine