Two men involved in argument shoot in Kansas City.



Witnesses inside the building were told to stay in the basement as police responded to the disturbance in downtown Kansas City

A convention centre was locked down following a shooting incident in Kansas City that claimed the lives of two people.

Police were on the scene of the incident at 12th and Wyandotte Street in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

The disturbance is believed to have begun as an argument between two people.


One of the suspects is believed to have shot at police when they arrived at the scene. No officers were injured.

The Kansas City Convention Center was on lock down and those inside the building were told to stay in the basement.

The lock down was lifted shortly after 5.15pm local time (11.15pm UK).

A large crime scene has been taped off around the Barney Allis Plaza, a civic area in the centre of the city.


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