streets were never tired of us
streets were never tired of us

Streets were never tired of us; You said our souls you came to win

The streets never were tired of us,
It was you that bade us come in
Sufficient enough for us, were our troubles
But you said, our soul you came to win.
We didn’t even get to hear much about the JESUS you first mentioned,
All you preached was sin

So preaching sin to a sinner was supposed to save him, huh?

All you said was, don’t! don’t!
Thou shall not
The do-nots like a doughnut
Was a never ending circle
We choked on them and then
All your hands did was point out our mistakes
Perhaps you thought we needed to be right to be made righteous
That’s like thinking we need to bath before using the bathtub!

Now you look at us like
“What’s the black sheep doing in the fold?”
You should answer yourself
You took us out of our black fold
Conferred on yourself the role of Lord and Shepherd
With guilt and condemnation
Fed ye us
You were ashamed to have us
To you, all we did was leave stains on your pews
Whatever happened to the ‘Mercy-seat’?

Next, you called a panel
This time you made yourself judges
You sit to judge us
Cause your sin has a different name
And is beautifully concealed
And then you ostracized us

So you threw us out in the cold
The rain concealed our tears
The wind blew away our fears
Back to the streets
This time here is where we’ll stick our feet
Leave us alone
Only invite us to Church when CHRIST is the guest minister.

You don’t even have a Church without HIM present and preached!

-Vickie Ufedo


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