Man and Woman’s Perspective on Sex on a first date

Finally I decided to write this on sex all over again after I lost the other one. . Anyway just read.

When i said I was going to write something on sex, I didn’t mean like the way most people would have thought.

I am only talking about giving it to him on the first date, on a platter of gold. I know some hollies will say don’t give it to him at all. But that one no concern me sha.

All I’m saying is don’t throw yourself at a man. In fact as far as I’m concerned if you succumb to the pressure of sex at the early stage of your relationship especially on the first date, you are throwing yourself at him because he is going to start thinking that you couldn’t resist him but then after a while he will begin to wonder how many other men you also couldn’t resist.

Most men would want sex first; whether he wants a girlfriend is something he thinks about later. By not giving him what he wants upfront, you become his girlfriend without him realizing it.

Before sex, a man isn’t thinking clearly and a woman is thinking clearly. After sex, it reverses. The man is thinking clearly and the woman isn’t.

When sex happens so quickly, the man has achieved what he wanted. The reason he thinks more clearly after sex is that he’s relieved and has already attained his goal. Meanwhile, the woman is just starting to pursue her goals. She has unfinished business. Then she chase him….and he runs.

Like it or not, whatever you do in the beginning of a relationship, you are subtly negotiating the terms of your relationship. And if you are quick to strike a deal, you give up all your bargaining power.

When going out for a date, don’t just concentrate on your outfit as this is the case with most girl. This is only going to make him want you only sexually especially when you try to sustain his interest with a mini skirt, an exposed cleaveage, a belly ring or a black dress with a plunging neckline. You don’t need to rely on these things to feel good or confident about yourself. If he invited you out on a date or to his house. Sex shouldn’t even come close to your mind neither should you concentrate more on dressing seductively. I believe he must have found you attractive before asking you out on a date, therefore, you should concentrate more in trying to know him and make him see that you are the kind of girl that knows what she wants. This is a time for you to check him out and not just him doing the checking out.

I want you to have this unapologetic confidence about yourself. Don’t say “he should accept me the way I am” oh no sister. Accept you? Slap yourself. He should want you madly (not sexually though at first). Acceptance has nothing to do with it especially when you know what you are worth and don’t throw yourself at him in the name of trying to impress.

Look, we are talking about what he craves, what he desires, his dream girl. If you have to be that special to him, you have to learn to control yourself. He values what he finds expensive. It all started when he was a kid. When he received a toy on his birthday that he didn’t even ask for, he played with it for a whole five minutes. The toy he cherished was the one he bought with 2 months allowance that sat in the top shelf in the toy’s store. He couldn’t reach it all the time without climbing a chair. Its the one toy he will always remember because he had to earn it.

Wearing your sexuality on your sleeve isn’t advantageous in luring a man. The issue is not about whether you are successful in turning him on, this is no big achievement, he can easily get turned on from watching a movie or sleeping, the issue is not whether you turn him on, its whether he stays turned on after he has been satisfied. This is the key.

Quality men are attracted by less not more.

I think I should stop here before I start writing out of point.

I know this isn’t what you were expecting to hear when I said I was going to write about sex. Sorry to disappoint you, this is the angle I choose to write on.


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