Royal wedding; I found the love of my life Part 1
Royal wedding; I found the love of my life Part 1

My phone beeped a text, I rushed to check it… Of course, I knew it was him. I mean, who else would be texting? David Beckham of course.


He texted to say he was already in the parking lot waiting for me.


I hurriedly put on my jacket and went down to meet him.


As usual, he looked so gorgeous And he gave me that charming smile of his that melts my heart. My knees almost gave way.


I walked Up to him, and looked into his eyes.

He smiled again and planted a kiss on my forehead.


Beckham held me close and said seriously, ‘Permit me to quote Cynthia Raymond, “Make up is not source of women’s beauty, we just like to appear in different shades.” I believe this because with you, I have seen it’s very true. You are indeed beautiful, Nicxs.’


He looked into my eyes for a moment. I stood on my toes while he leaned in to kiss me. I closed my eyes and savoured the kiss. It was warm, deep and full of emotions, not to mention, sweet. I didn’t care we were outside. I didn’t care people would be watching. All that mattered was that I was with this man. I love him dearly and the rest of the world seemed to go into oblivion whenever we were together.


I love this man, damn, I love this man, I love him with all of me, and I’m happy for the love he gives to me. I am happy that I now believe in love, since I met him at the #Royal_Wedding.


I opened my eyes and saw #Oprah_Winfrey at a far corner smiling at us, she winked at me. I bolted… Was she stalking us?

I smiled back with my eyes and winked back. My relationship with Beckham, I owe to her. Had she not done what she did at the wedding, – planning a perfect set up between me and Beckham,- I might never have spoken to him. I am very shy. Don’t judge me.

Beckham held me close like he didn’t want to let go. He must be feeling very lucky to have known me.







~Nicole Planofort



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