Renewed by the waters of HIS word
Renewed by the waters of HIS word

Renewed by the waters of HIS word


Every time she knelt to pray
The scenes flashed before her
It weakened her soul
She knew she was the beloved of GOD
But couldn’t bring herself to receive HIS LOVE

Like the adulterous woman
Crouched at HIS feet, she expected to be stoned
Condemnation created a chimney in her
She choked on the smoke of guilt

But she was her own undoing
She almost forgot there was nothing she could have done
To undo what HE had done
No act of sin could change the name HE called her
HE called her precious, loved and forgiven

HE had her reminded of the truth that she didn’t need to scamper in fear, or feel filthy in HIS presence
She instead needed to stay under the refreshing waters of HIS LOVE
Get drenched in HIS GRACE
Get those thoughts of sin and guilt drowned

And come out free indeed
Having broke out from self-condemnation
She did break out, not by a seven-step plan
But by the renewing of her mind with the waters of HIS Word


-Vickie Ufedo


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