He slipped into the water, he cannot swim
He slipped into the water, he cannot swim


I’m pregnant and will be due in a couple of weeks. Hubby is insisting that I spend three months in his mother’s house.


Now, you need to remember that I am very stubborn. Very very stubborn.


I don’t like my MIL. She hasn’t done anything wrong to me. But my guts, as a matter of fact, all the fibres of my body doesn’t like her. Note: she didn’t do anything. It’s just this thing with one’s spirit not accepting the other.


I have a thing with being very blunt and Le Hub knows this. He’s as used to it as he is to me.


When he wanted to know why, I told him I the truth. I didn’t want to spend three whooping months with her. Hell no. I find it difficult to spend a night outside my house, how much more three months with someone else. I told him this added that my mind didn’t approve of the move. I told him I was pregnant and would rather spend the days in my own house.


Unlike him, he flared up. I was confused {I mean, I have told him worse things to his face}. But I don’t like telling lies. So, I had to tell him the truth. Don’t judge me.


It grew into a serious fight. I wasn’t rude but I just told him that I wouldn’t like to spend three months with her, alone. Without him. Just her? My FIL with whom I have a better relationship was out of the country and wouldn’t be back in about six months or so. Oh please, I’m not doing that.


The fights grew worse. He started to sleep in the visitor’s room. Oh wow!


He stopped talking to me entirely.


He came home drunk one day. Drunk! He doesn’t drink. I tried to help him, he hit me. Josh hit me. Oh wow. I was pregnant and Josh hit me.


I bolted away and locked myself up in the bedroom. He was drunk, it was easy to forgive him.


Next morning, I came out and met him in the kitchen, he looked at me with bloodshot eyes, I sensed trouble. He has never looked like that.

I tried to bolt away, but he stopped me. I was heavy, I couldn’t fight much. He hit me. He beat me into bleeding. My baby. Oh my baby. I was in pains, but I had to save my baby.

Did he forget I was pregnant? I was carrying our baby! I wondered in pains.

It was my kitchen and I managed to get hold of my newly sharpened pen knife. I threatened him with it. He didn’t believe it. I gave him a cut in his palm and in his bolting away of finding himself, I hit him hard with the kitchen stool and every utensil I could lay my hands on. I was in pains but I had to survive for my baby.


I rushed out of the the kitchen and locked him in, leaving a trail of blood, grabbed my and my cellphone and dialed Akello. I got in my car and started to drive.


Well, shorter the story: I had my baby boy. He looks so much like his father 😍 😍. I never went back to the house

He didn’t look for me either.


My first BIL’s wife who was pregnant as about the same time who was more obedient to her hubby than I am, was subjected to go to MIL’s for the three months.


Problems started just before she had the baby.


Oops, my baby is crying… I’ll continue the story after I feed him.






~Nicole Planofort Winifred


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