Royal wedding; I found the love of my life Part 1
Royal wedding; I found the love of my life Part 1

Weddings. Royal wedding!

Quietly sitting at a corner, uncomfortable with the number of popular guests, Oprah Winfrey came along, (dangit, I knew she would, she would never pass a chance to stay close to her half namesake.)

It was the Royal Wedding. The wedding of Prince Harry.

People were there. I hate crowds. But this is a Royal wedding, I couldn’t avoid being there and I couldn’t stop people from attending.


We were in a little chit chat, with my mouth stuffed with food… (imagine a wedding party without jollof rice. And a royal wedding party at that! Mtchew), then I felt my heart skip a beat, I looked around, I saw him. Our eyes met, he smiled. That very charming smile that would melt a soul.


I was dazed to smile back. My eyes only dilated.

Oprah caught me.


Dammit girl… But hell yeah, Beckham is a typical me DIFF (Dude I’d Fall For), he tall, cute and fair… Well, oh well. Who knew what the Royal wedding would have held for me.


Embarrassed, I excused myself and went to the washroom. Now that I think of it should have taken a photo there.


On coming out of the washroom, Oprah held me, unwilling to let go, she dragged me to a table and left me there…


‘Mind if I join you?’ I turned to that golden voice… David Beckham! I asked him to sit. I formed for him kwa oh.. Like I wasn’t interested.


Well, long story short, he proposed to me and we agreed to give love a shot.


Who knows? We might be having another wedding soon. Because I’m already in love with him..


Thank you Oprah Winfrey for I know I wouldn’t have had the courage to go talk to him if not for your arrangement… You’re za best… 😘

Who knew that my having to attend the royal wedding would find me the love of my life?


Ladies, back off! This is my territory! I protect with my blood!








~Nicole Planofort



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