Incest! It's as bad as that
Incest! It's as bad as that

Incest! It’s as bad as that

He screams her name
In a thunderous pitch
Her heart misses a beat
She’s scared
So scared
Not again
She cries
Blind to her tears
He thrusts in
Deeper and deeper
He touches her not
But he has defiled her
Raped her self-esteem
And damaged her soul

Over and again
He spills into her being
His ever present anger his Viagra
No, commendation was sin
And to love her like he should was a crime
Her offence was that she was a product of his sperm

She calls it incestuous-rape
Of the mind and soul
Her body remains untouched
But she feels abused and harassed
He calls her daughter
She calls him father
But they have no father-daughter relationship…

Vickie Ufedo



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