HOW this 42 Foods Causes Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy
HOW this 42 Foods Causes Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy

HOW this 42 Foods Causes Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy: During pregnancy, consuming more nutrients and vitamins from foods is an important factor for pregnant women.


However, there are some foods pregnant women should never eat or be careful when consuming them because they are not only unhealthy but they can also cause miscarriage phenomenon if pregnant women overeat them. Here is a list of foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy that pregnant women should avoid.

I. Foods That Cause Miscarriage In Early Pregnancy – Vitamins For Miscarriage Prevention:

foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy - vitamins for miscarriage prevention

The first section of this article would be aiming at revealing some of the best vitamins that help women reduce the risk of miscarriage before learning about dangerous foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy. If your miscarriage (recurrent or not) are caused by any of these 3 reasons, there are some home remedies you can make use as they have been proven good for decreasing the risks of recurrent miscarriages.

  • Chromosomal (you can have some impacts, it matters if it is the egg)
  • Hormonal (low progesterone)
  • Immunological

General tips to prevent miscarriage:

  • Vitamin E in amounts up to 600 IU a day (if you are suffering from diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure, you should just use 50 IU).
  • Give your body and mind a proper rest and relax to prevent the influences of stress factors are two most important steps to take initially. Get off of your feet.

Nutrition during pregnancy is very important for maintaining the health of both the mothers and their developing fetus. In the first 3 months, pregnant moms might get higher chances and more concerned about how they can prevent a miscarriage as well as what to avoid eating as they are foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy. According to the website of University of Maryland Medical Center, 15% of pregnancies end with a miscarriage, and most of them occured in these 3 months. However, there are a lot of nutrients you can take to improve the chances of getting a healthy pregnancy and preventing a miscarriage.

1. Vitamin B2

vitamin b

Similar to vitamin D, vitamin B2 is believed to impact your risks of developing preeclampsia during the pregnancy. Some researchers suggest the link between a preeclampsia and a deficiency of vitamin B2. A research published in the July 2000 journal “Obstetrics and Gynecology” showed that participants who had riboflavin deficiencies would have an increased risk of preeclampsia although according to Linus Pauling Institute, a study published in the May 2006 “International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics” refuted this indication.

It is proven that every pregnant woman needs vitamin B2, also called “riboflavin”, to improve their energy levels. Pregnant women should take about 1.4 mg per day of vitamin B12 to keep your pregnancy healthy. Vitamin B2 might be part of your prenatal vitamin supplement, but you can also take this vitamin from almonds, eggs, milk, and yogurt.

This is actually an important thing people should know before learning about foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy to avoid.

2. Vitamin D

foods that cause miscarriage - vitamin d

Vitamin D is the vitamin which is associated with sunshine, playing an important role in miscarriage prevention. The Getting Pregnant Now site reported that vitamin D can influence the growth of the lining in your uterus, and when pregnant women have a deficiency of vitamin D, their uterine lining might not be thick enough for the development of an embryo, leading to a miscarriage in early pregnancy. A study published in the August 2010 journal “Nutrition Reviews” indicated that the sufficient amount of vitamin D inside the body will be able to help in improving the outcomes of a pregnancy as well as preventing preeclampsia – an issue that is usually associated with dangerously high blood pressure and influences about 10% of all pregnancies in the US and can lead to miscarriages.
It is proven that every pregnant woman needs to consume 400 IU vitamin D per day. Vitamin D might be part of your prenatal vitamin supplements, but you can also take this from foods, such as milk, cream, butter, cheese, and some types of fish as they are very rich in vitamin D. If you choose include fish in your daily diet to increase your daily consumption of vitamin D, you are recommended to avoid fish high in mercury, such as tilefish, king mackerel, swordfish, and shark.

3. Vitamin B9

foods that cause miscarriage - vitamin b9

Consuming a sufficient amount of vitamin B9, also called “folic acid”, by adding foods high in this vitamin into your daily diet when you are pregnant is very necessary and essential for not only you but also all pregnant women in the world. The Family Doctor site reported that a pregnant woman may need to take 1 mg of vitamin B9 on a daily basis so that they will be able to prevent defects to the brain and cord of the fetus. Pregnant moms should also ensure that they can practice sufficient intake daily, though, because the University of Maryland Medical Center noted that if the folic acid levels in the body of a pregnant woman is low, it might put her at a higher risk of miscarriage. A study published in the October 2002 named “British Medical Journal” shows that women who had low folic acid levels and miscarried were more likely to have their fetuses coming with a chromosomal abnormality, contributing to greater risks of miscarriage.

May be the list of your prenatal vitamins already has folic acid listed, but you still need to change your daily meals more positively by incorporating foods that are naturally rich in vitamin B9 for good. These foods may include leafy vegetables, dark green, such as orange juice, lima beans, soybeans, kale, and spinach.

II. List Of Foods That Cause Miscarriage In Early Pregnancy You Must Avoid:

List Of Foods That Cause Miscarriage In Early Pregnancy You Must Avoid

The diet of a pregnant woman should always include the primary source of nutrients which is sufficient to give the fetus. If pregnant women eat some unhealthy food, the health of the fetus could be facing a serious threat. Overall, there are some foods which are considered can cause fetal damage and birth defects that I mentioned below and you should keep your head on if you are in the pregnancy.

1. Unwashed Vegetables

foods that cause miscarriage-unwashed vegetables

This is actually the first out of the foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn and apply for good.

Certainly, vegetables are always good for human health as they can help to ensure our healthy life and can help us deal with several diseases and infections without making use of any type of drugs, pill, or medication. Thus, even people hate veggies, they still need to eat them and cannot live well without eating them. Nevertheless, it is very important and necessary for you to ensure that your veggies are always washed well with clean water and salt (if needed) as this will help you avoid the potential exposure to toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis might contaminate the soil where the farmers plant the veggies you would eat.

2. Caffeinated Drinks

caffeinated drinks

Though most researchers showed that caffeine consumption in moderation is fine, there are still some other experts indicated that the caffeine consumption can be related to the increased risks of getting a miscarriage.

Thus, pregnant women are best to avoid consuming caffeine during the first 3 months of their pregnancy to get reduced risks of a miscarriage.

As a general rule, pregnant women should limit their caffeine intake to fewer than 200 mg per day during pregnancy. Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning that it can help to flush out the fluids from your body. This can lead to the loss and deficiency of calcium and water. It is essential for pregnant women to drink plenty of water, milk, and fresh juices rather than caffeinated drinks. Some researchers showed that high consumption of caffeinated drinks are related to withdrawal symptoms, low birth weight in infants, premature birth, and miscarriage. It would be best for you – a pregnant woman – to


3. Pate 

foods that cause miscarriage-pate

Refrigerated meat or pate for a long time should be avoided for pregnant women as these foods may has the bacteria “listeria”. In contrast, pregnant women can consume canned pate or shelf-safe meat spreads. In fact, pate is actually one of the worst foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy that people should be careful with. In fact, this is also one of the foods that cause miscarriage people should not skip or look down but better stay far away from it as it is very bad for the health of both mothers and fetuses.

4. Unpasteurized Milk

foods that cause miscarriage-unpasteurized milk

Unpasteurized milk might contain one type of bacteria known as listeria – one of the major and most common causes of a miscarriage. Listeria bacteria have the ability to cross the placenta and can make fetus get infected, leading to blood poisoning or infections, which could be even threaten the life of the fetus. Thus, pregnant women should make sure that they will just drink pasteurized milk.

5. Raw Shellfish 

foods that cause miscarriage-raw shellfish

Most of seafood-borne illnesses is due to undercooked shellfish, such as mussels, clams, and oysters. Cooking can help to prevent some types of infections, but it cannot help to prevent the algae-related diseases that are associated with red tides. Raw shellfish can leave negative effects on everybody, and people should completely avoid eating these foods during pregnancy. Thus, this is also one of the worst foods that cause miscarriage that people should not look down!

6. Fish Exposed To Industrial Pollutants

fish exposed to industrial pollutants

Avoid fish living in contaminated rivers and lakes that might be exposed to high concentration of polychlorinated biphenyls. This is majorly for people catching fish from local streams and lakes. These fish might include: walleye, trout, pike, salmon, striped bass, and bluefish. You should consult the local health department or Environmental Protection Agency to know which types of seafood would be safe for a pregnant woman to eat at your locality. You should know that this is not fish taken from grocery stores at your locality but regarding fish caught in local waters.

7. Smoked Seafood 

foods that cause miscarriage-smoked seafood

Here is another out of foods that cause miscarriage people should be careful with as it can lead to bad results. Smoked, refrigerated seafood which are often labeled, such as jerky, kippered, nova style, or lox should be avoided during pregnancy as they might be contaminated with Listeria. These would be safe to eat if they are just an ingredient for a meal that has been cooked, such as a casserole. This type of seafood can be usually found in the deli section of the grocery stores. Shelf-safe or canned smoked seafood is usually fine to consume.

8. Fish With Mercury

foods that cause miscarriage-fish with mercury

Fish that are high in mercury is also among the worst foods that cause miscarriage that pregnant women should avoid. Mercury consumption during pregnancy can lead to the brain damage and developmental delays in fetuses. A sample of these types of fish include: shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish. Canned, chunk light tuna generally contains lower levels of mercury than other types of tuna, but pregnant women still need to eat this food in moderation and under control. You should also avoid eating certain types of fish in form of sushi as they have rich content of mercury. For good, you need to go to see and consult your doctor for proper consumption.

9. Deli Meat

foods that cause miscarriage-deli meat

Deli meats have been well-known for being contaminated with listeria – one of the major causes of miscarriages. Listeria has the ability to cross the placenta and can make the fetus infected, leading to blood poisoning or an infection, and even threaten the life of the fetus. If you are among pregnant mothers and you want to eat deli meats, make sure that you will definitely reheat the meat until it is steamed well. You do not need to feel panic if you are pregnant and you discovered that you should not eat deli meats while in fact, you have been eating this food. The probabilities are in your favor that there is no bad thing occurred for you.

10. Pineapple

foods that cause miscarriage

This is also one of the worst foods that cause miscarriage that I would like to introduce in the article today and want you as well as my other readers to remember to avoid when experiencing a pregnancy.

Surely, many pregnant women “equipped” themselves with the experiences of giving birth by drinking pineapple juice for easy delivery. This also means that they are consuming one of the dangerous foods that cause miscarriage especially in the first 3 months of the pregnancy, but not everyone known well about this. That is because pineapple contains bromelain with the effect of softening the uterine and causing contractions, creating the substance which can lead to miscarriage. Thus, in the first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women should absolutely not eat pineapple or drink pineapple juice. After that period, you can eat a small amount of pineapple because it also contains lots of healthy nutrients, but not too much and too regularly!

11. Papaya 

foods that cause miscarriage

Papaya is also a food that is dangerous for pregnant women, especially green papaya.

There have been many cases of pregnant women, due to the lack of experiences, who use green papaya as an ingredient to make dishes (especially the nutritious pig’s leg braised with papaya, to get more nutrients in the first 3 months of pregnancy without knowing that eating green papaya is the most common and the most dangerous cause of miscarriage). The reason is that green papaya and unripe papaya contain enzymes which can cause uterine contractions leading to miscarriage. Therefore, during pregnancy, to ensure the absolute safety, pregnant women should definitely mot eat papaya, especially green papaya because the hazard rate will increase many times.

12. Litchi

foods that cause miscarriage - litchi

Litchi is a quite popular fruit in the summer. It is the favorite fruit of many women because of the sweet and delicious taste which are its own characteristics. In addition, it can be also a material to make many delicious and impressive dishes such as litchi sweet porridge. However, litchi is also the fruit which pregnant women should not eat during pregnancy because in this period, future moms will encounter the phenomenon known as “inner heat”. If pregnant women eat a lot of litchi – a “hot” fruit – then the “inner heat” phenomenon will be more dangerous and can lead to foetal derangement, abdominal pain, bleeding, stomachache, harming to the fetus and can even cause miscarriage.

13. Sprouted Potato 

foods that cause miscarriage

This food is not only dangerous for pregnant women but everyone also should not eat it because sprouted potato contains toxins which are harmful to the health. Especially, solanin in potato with green sprout will adversely affect the fetal growth and increase the risk of miscarriage. Therefore, pregnant women should totally not eat this food and stay away from processed foods which contain potatoes. This is also one of the most dangerous foods that cause miscarriage that people should know and be careful with.

14. Wild Apple

wild apple

Wild apple is sour, bitter, and sweet which is a perfect snack for the pregnant with pregnancy morning sickness, but this fruit is not really good for pregnant women at all. According to many recorded documents, wild apple can work to excite the uterus and promote uterine contractions, causing miscarriage and premature birth. Therefore, this is also one of the foods that cause miscarriage pregnant women should avoid.

15. Peach

foods that cause miscarriage

Peach is sweet and “hot” so that if pregnant women eat a lot of peaches, they will be prone to bleeding. The shell hair of peach can also cause itching and burning throat. Therefore, this is also one of the worst foods that cause miscarriage that people should avoid eating during pregnancy.

16. Canned Fish

canned fish

If you like fish, you should limit the consumption of canned fish in particular and all kinds of fish in general during the pregnancy because you will be able to be affected by the contamination of fish living in rivers, lakes and ponds.

In fact, fish is a rich source of protein and vitamins, to ensure the safety and to prevent the risk of miscarriage, pregnant women should completely avoid eating fish. Especially, do not eat canned fish because it contains preservatives, salt, and some chemicals which may cause high blood pressure in future moms. And this can also lead to water retention which is harmful for their health.

17. Raw Poultry And Egg 

foods that cause miscarriage

If you are a pregnant woman, you should avoid raw meat, seafood, and especially poultry and eggs which are uncooked or un-well cooked. You need to cook food carefully kill bacteria (Salmonella). Undercooked eggs and poultry, especially poultry, including chicken and turkey; and seafood such as oysters, can lead to miscarriage. In fact, this is also one out of the foods that cause miscarriage pregnant women should stay far away from to ensure that they will experience a healthy pregnancy.

18. Soft Cheese 

foods that cause miscarriage

Cheese is really not safe for pregnant women. The types of cheese which pregnant women should avoid include: cheese camembe, rocopho cheese, feta cheese, Gorgonzola cheese, and cheese types originating from Mexico. That is because the cheese is primarily made from unpasteurized milk so that it can be harmful, not safe for pregnant women and the fetuses. These types of cheese contain some bacteria which can cause miscarriages in pregnant women. Future moms should only eat the types of cheese which are made from pasteurized fresh milk.

19. Canned Fruit Juice

canned fruit juice

Pregnant women should always check the production label of the fruit juices to make sure whether they have been pasteurized or not. E. coli are found in the canned fruit juices, so pregnant women should avoid drinking this food to prevent miscarriage.

During the pregnancy, it is best if you make fruit juices at home to drink. This will ensure your safety.

20. Centella 

foods that cause miscarriage

Centella has many effects on healing hypotension and prolonging youthfulness. It also has antipyretic effect, diuretic effect, and effect on treating the cassava poisoning. It is the food which is widely served as a cool beverage and the material of many dishes. In summer, centella juice is preferred to cool down the heat for people working outdoor for several hours.

However, centella is not recommended for pregnant women. Pregnant women taking centella for

a long time can reduce their likelihood of getting pregnant. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid consuming centella because it can lead to miscarriage, causing bloating, and cold stomach.

Centella can interact with medications which cause drowsiness and anticonvulsants, insomnia drugs, and antidepressant drugs, and reduce the effectiveness of insulin, diabetes medications, and cholesterol-lowering drugs.

21. Consume Too Much Food High In Vitamin C 

foods that cause miscarriage

Foods rich in vitamin C are considered the natural contraception if women consume too much during the ovulation and the menstrual cycle. In addition, people also believe that a large dose of vitamin C can also lead to early miscarriage in the first months of pregnancy. Therefore, this is also one of the worst foods that cause miscarriage that pregnant women should watch out!

22. Sesame Seed And Honey 

sesame seed and honey

Eating too much sesame seeds, especially sesame seeds mixed with honey is considered a risk factor which leads the pregnant women to the spontaneous abortion. Therefore, if you are pregnant, you just should eat black sesame in the last weeks of pregnancy for easier childbirth.

23. Drink Too Much Green Tea 

foods that cause miscarriage

This is also one of the worst foods that cause miscarriage that people should not look down.

If you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, you should not drink green tea for more than one time per day. A cup of green tea contains about 200 mg of caffeine. If you consume more than this amount, it may increase your risk of miscarriage. Caffeine also goes through breast milk, and it can also affect the infant during the breastfeeding period.

24. Trionychid Turtle 

foods that cause miscarriage

Have you already known about the dangers of eating trionychid turtle in the pregnancy process? Although trionychid turtle have the kidney strengthening effects, it is fishy, cold, has the tumor melting effect, support the arteries flow, thus can be hazardous for pregnant women during pregnancy. Especially, the potential miscarriage effect of trionychid turtle’s leg is much more powerful than this of the trionychid turtle flesh.


25. Job’s Tears Seed 


Job’s tears seed contains a lot of amino acids which are necessary for the body system. Eating a lot of Job’s tears seeds can timely supply the body with physical energy which was consumed by the high temperatures of hot days and work to strengthen the immune system effectively. For women, drinking appropriate amounts of job’s tears will help to clear, smooth skin, reduce wrinkles, and eliminate freckles and brown spots.

However, for women who are pregnant, eating this nut is not totally good. Job’s tears seed can irritate the uterine muscles gently and cause uterine contractions. If the pregnant women eat too much job’s tears seeds during the pregnancy, they will be likely at risk of miscarriage. Therefore, believe or not, eating this seed is one of the ways that cause miscarriage and harm to the pregnant women. For good, people who are pregnant should stay far away from job’s tears seeds.

26. Aloe Vera

foods that cause miscarriage

As everyone knows, aloe vera is considered a “panacea” for the beauty of women because this natural material can help to take care and strengthen all types of skin. It also has amazing effects on wrinkle reduction and prevention, and weight loss.

However, pregnant women should not eat dishes made with aloe vera or drink aloe vera juice because this can lead to pelvic hemorrhage and even cause miscarriage.

27. Barley

foods that cause miscarriage

Barley is a cereal which is often processed into a variety of nutritious foods. However, barley can stimulate the uterine smooth muscles, easy to promote uterine contractions, and therefore, it has the potential to cause miscarriage in pregnant women. That is the reason why I listed barley on the list of foods that cause miscarriage pregnant women should avoid consuming.

28. Animals’ Liver 

animals’ liver

Animal liver can harm to pregnant women because it is the home of many toxins if the liver consumed is taken from infected or sick animals. In addition, the liver also contains high amounts of vitamin A and cholesterol. If pregnant women eat too much liver, combining with the use of some other drugs or nutritious foods, it can lead to the vitamin excess, adversely affect the fetus.

Also, animals’ liver contains many toxins so that even normal people should limit the consumption of this food for good!

29. Consume Foods High In Vitamin A 

consume foods high in vitamin a

It is important to avoid vitamin A during pregnancy because it can cause adverse effects, damage to the fetus. That is the reason why pregnant women should limit the consumptions of foods that contain large amounts of vitamin A (such as liver as I mentioned above…).

30. Processed Meat

foods that cause miscarriage

Processed meats include sausages, pate, stuffed foods …are the foods that pregnant women really should not eat during pregnancy. According to researches by scientists recently, when pregnant women eat too much processed meat, it can produce harms to the fetus in the womb. In severe cases, it can even cause toxicity to the fetus or lead to miscarriage.

If the pregnant women have cravings for processed foods, they can also eat but just with small amounts for ensuring the safety. Pregnant women should pay attention in processing at high temperatures to ensure the safety the best way.

This is actually one out of the foods that cause miscarriage pregnant women should stay far away from to ensure that they will experience a healthy pregnancy.

31. Drumstick Tree

drumstick tree

The first food in the list of foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy is drumstick tree.

According to scientific research, the leaves and flowers of the drumstick tree contain 7 times of vitamin C more than oranges, 4 times of calcium and 2 times of protein more than milk, 4 times of vitamin A more than carrots, lettuce, 3 times of iron and 3 times of potassium more than bananas.

This is an extremely nutritious food, but it is not for people who are pregnant. The reason is because drumstick tree contains alpha-sitosterol, which is a hormone with estrogen-like structure effective in preventing pregnancy, making uterine muscle smooth and leading to miscarriage.

32. Bitter Melon

bitter melon

The second out of the list of foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy I want to show you today is bitter melon.

Bitter melon is rich in vitamin B, iron, zinc, potassium, manganese, magnesium, so this fruit plays an important role in providing nutrients to the body and enhancing the immune system.

However, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not eat bitter melon because it can cause uterine contractions, fetal hemorrhage and damage. Additionally, bitter melon can irritate the uterus and can lead to premature birth. Women who are breastfeeding should also not eat bitter melon because a number of unhealthy components could be transmitted to the baby through breast milk.

33. Portulaca Oleracea

portulaca oleracea

This is also one of the worst foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy that future moms should avoid at all costs. Portulaca oleracea has very high nutrient content and can be also considered a very good medicine. Portulaca oleracea is sour. It can help to reduce body heat, detoxify blood flow, and kill worms inside our body.

Portulaca oleracea contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, and it especially comes with the rich amount of omega-3 fatty acids. However, experiments have demonstrated that portulaca oleracea juice can stimulate uterine, increasing the uterine contractions, likely to cause retention of the placenta. Therefore, this veggie must lie on the list of foods that cause miscarriage pregnant women should avoid.

34. Artemisia Vulgaris

artemisia vulgaris

Artemisia vulgaris is bitter, spicy with good aroma. It is a popular healthy veggie which has positive effect in the regulation of blood circulation, nerves soothing, and muscle pain and abdominal pain reduction.

Although Artemisia vulgaris is widely used in a number of remedies for women who have miscarriages in a row, but many people mistakenly artemisia vulgaris is a safe medicine for pregnancy. In fact, this is not entirely true.

The rational use of artemisia vulgaris will bring about many benefits to the pregnant woman, but if they abuse this veggie within the first 3 months of their pregnancy, they might have to face heavy bleeding, increased uterine contractions and miscarriage. Therefore, this is also one of the foods that cause miscarriage pregnant women should be aware of.

35. Sauropus Androgynus

sauropus androgynus

Sauropus androgynus is “cold” inside and sweet which can be effectively used to reduce body heat, detoxify toxins, nourish blood flow, and it also has laxative property. Sauropus androgynus contains vitamin K, a vitamin which is rare in the plant kingdom. Sauropus androgynus also contains a rich amount of vegetable protein, iron, manganese, and vitamin A. However, it is actually on the list of foods that cause miscarriage pregnant women should avoid. Sauropus androgynus contains Papaverin – a substance found in the opium poppy, leaving effects on expanding the smooth muscle of vascular to reduce pain and lower blood pressure. If you are a pregnant woman and you use more than 30mg of this veggie, you may have to face uterine contractions and even miscarriage.

36. Fragrant Knotweed

fragrant knotweed

Fragrant knotweed is easy to grow and often used to add into many Vietnamese dishes. Fragrant knotweed is spicy with pungent aroma. Eating raw fragrant knotweed will warm up the stomach, helping to increase the body heat.

However, if you are a pregnant woman and you eat too much of fragrant knotweed in the first 3 months of pregnancy, it might lead you prone to blood loss. Especially, fragrant knotweed also has substance which can increase the uterine contractions, resulting in miscarriage. Therefore, future moms should avoid overeating this veggie during pregnancy for good.

37. Longan


Longan is a delicious aromatic, sweet taste fruit. However, this is also one of the fruits which future moms should not eat during the pregnancy. The reason is because pregnant women are often asymptomatic and are usually have the constipation phenomenon. Eating a lot of longan will increase the heat inside their body, affect the blood flow and fetal hemodynamics, cause abdominal pain, bleeding, bloating, gas or even pose threats to the fetus, leading to miscarriage.

38. Seafood


This is also one of the worst foods that cause miscarriage future moms should not consume too much. Although seafood contains omega-3 fatty acids which are good for children’s development, but pregnant women should avoid these foods because they contain mercury. The seafood which often contains mercury such as salmon, crab or shark meat … could be harmful to the baby’s brain.

39. Raw Foods

raw foods

Avoid consuming raw food during the pregnancy is extremely important for pregnant women. These foods contain bacteria and viruses that can threaten the safety of the fetus and even the mother.

Experts recommend that pregnant women should eat cooked food and should be careful when choosing foods to eat. For good, they should avoid eating foods that contain bacteria or viruses which can lead to infection.

40. Unpasteurized Beverages

unpasteurized beverages

Pregnant women should avoid dairy products, cheese, and yogurt without labels, without origin, which have not experienced the sterilization process. Pregnant women can eat cheese or drink non-fat milk but should avoid unpasteurized cheeses like feta or brie.

41. Coffee, Tea, Alcohol

coffee, tea, alcohol

Avoid using coffee, tea, and alcohol during pregnancy will help pregnant women prevent complications during childbirth and avoid deformities in infants. In addition, pregnant women who drink too much of these 3 stimulants will increase the risk of miscarriage. Especially, tea contains high content of Floride, preventing the iron absorption, leading to anemia. Besides, we could not forget the caffeine component which helps to increase the heart rate and diuretic effect, creating pressure on the cardiovascular system and urinary system. Mothers who are breastfeeding should not drink strong tea because tannic acid in the tea will inhibit breast blood circulation, hindering the milk production.

42. Crabs


This is the last food on the list of foods that cause miscarriage that I want to show you and other pregnant women today in this entire article. There is a fact that crab contains high levels of nutrients. Especially, the calcium source contained in crab is indisputable. However, according to the Oriental medicine, crab has the effect on tumor and backlog mass deportation, so crab leads to a high risk of miscarriage or premature birth. In particular, pregnant women who are recovering after a sickness has weak digestive system. If they eat too much crab, they will get diarrhea, flu, or allergy to cold easily. Pregnant women should limit their crab consumption also because crabs contain a high level of cholesterol.

Another thing that people should do after reading this entire article and learning about the worst foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy that are revealed above is that you should also read an article named – the 20 Tips On How To Prevent Miscarriage Naturally At Home article – the full collection of the best things to do to ensure a healthy pregnancy that will help pregnant women improve their health as well as the fetuses’ health during pregnancy and ensure to be able to give birth to healthy babies without facing the miscarriage problem. These tips and techniques are proven safe and easy to apply right at home and will not lead to any harmful side effect. Moreover, they do not require the use of any type of pill, drug, or medical intervention so that people should not worry about this matter at all.

This is the list of list of foods that cause miscarriage that are proven by science and a lot of health experts in the world, helping my readers who are visiting us have a safe pregnancy and give birth to healthy babies.

If you think that my list of 42 foods that cause miscarriage are good for you and other pregnant women you know, you should share this list with them and leave your comments below to show me your own opinions!

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