The day started off as usual and I left for work. Nothing seemed wrong with the day, on the way, while at work, nothing gave me any hint that the day would be a big life changing day for me. Well, not until I got diarrhoea, my breakfast must have upset my stomach, I thought angrily. I must have added a little too much milk to my cereal. The pains stung real badly and I had to take excuse for the rest of the day.
It seemed to be an unfortunate day, for I did not drive to work, so I had to take the commercials which made the journey unnecessarily long. I thought of taking a cab but I could not because I had cut down on expenses to be able to make the bills for my son’s brain surgery.
I should probably at this point tell you that I am happily married to my best friend from the university. Our marriage of ten years had produced one cute little boy who had a terrible tumour in the brain. The doctors said there might be some hope for him if there was a happy outcome to a successful surgery.
We did not have enough money for the surgery, so we started cutting down on expenses and saving. Our boy must live.
The bus finally got to my stop and I alighted, walking briskly down the street home. The stinging suddenly increased, I felt it was because of the speed of my walk and I tried to slow down. The whole thing caused my bowels to start moving again and it made me very uncomfortable. I nearly carried myself to the house.
Getting to the front door, I tried unlocking but the house was open, my husband was supposed to be at work but it was the second worry I had at the moment. I opened the door and ran in towards CR. I had to cross the bedroom before getting there the door was open and I naturally looked inside and I saw two pairs of feet on the bed, I froze.
I forgot about the pressing need to empty my bowels and I went into the bedroom to meet the biggest shock of my life.
There was my husband quite, totally unclad, in bed with someone else. In our matrimonial bed. However, that was not the main problem. The main problem was the person in bed with him. I blinked severally to ensure my eyes were not playing tricks on me. It was Hillary. I could not believe it. Hillary! A thousand questions popped in my head.
At this point, I probably should tell you who Hillary is. Hillary is my husband’s close friend and colleague at work. They hung out a lot both outside the home and at home, sometimes I would tease my husband that I was jealous of their friendship.
However, that is not the issue right now. The issue is not that my husband is cheating on me. The issue is not that he is cheating on me in our matrimonial home either. The issue is not that he is cheating on me with Hillary either. The big issue here is that MY HUSBAND IS PANSEXUAL!
They had stood up pretty quick and tried to cover themselves up when they saw me but BS, how on earth did I have no clue!
I brought down my head in shame, the stinging in my stomach completely gone, the need to empty my bowels forgotten. I walked out, out of the room, out on the hand he was trying to explain to me with.
I just kept walking unsure of what to think.
My world came to a still.


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