Free? No, you're not! Stop lying!
Free? No, you're not! Stop lying!

Free? You’re not! Stop lying to yourself!

No you’re not
Stop lying to yourself
You’re not free
You’ve only chosen to hide it
No ‘camouflage it’ is a better way to put it
You paint it a different colour
Call it a different name
Name yourself another name
You live, but doubly so
You’ve become twain
One of you the world sees
The other you, only you know
You face the world with so much gusto
The world applauds you
To them you’re doing well.

Well,It’s time to face you!
You need to shine some light into your soul
Quit neglecting it
That won’t make it go
Stop hiding the hurt
Allow healing to take place
Bring out that you you’re hiding
And deal with you
Once and for all

Then and only then will you have true freedom

-Vickie Ufedo



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