Conservative political newcomer Ivan Duque has been elected president of Colombia.

With nearly all votes counted, he has an unassailable lead of more than 12 percentage points over his rival.

The result raises questions about the future of a historic but controversial peace deal with Farc rebels.

Mr Duque, who is supported by former President Alvaro Uribe, has said he will overhaul the 2016 agreement which gave the rebels places in Congress.

The orthodox economist also says he will revisit crimes allegedly committed by the rebels during the brutal five-decade conflict with the government.

Mr Duque is viewed as the business-friendly choice because he wants to cut taxes and boost investment, raising money by shrinking the state.

Voters in the country were presented with a stark choice between Mr Duque and the leftist ex-guerrilla Gustavo Petro.

Mr Petro’s campaign featured promises about creating a more equal society and ensuring people have access to health and education.

He also pledged to take on political elites and redistribute land to the poor.

But the former Bogota mayor, who supports the peace deal, garnered just over 41% of the vote compared with 54% for Mr Duque.


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