You know those days when the day starts of casually and usually? I picked a pair of shorts and a small crop top. I wanted my dressing to be the bomb when I entered school.

I applied some touch of makeup and when I looked in the mirror, the lady who looked back at me did not look like me in any way. I smiled. Exactly the look I wanted. I was going to stun them at school.

When I got to school, I hid out for a while so that everyone would arrive first, well, nearly everyone, then I entered, flipping my hair and removing my sunglasses. I felt the effect of my entrance as I noticed the pierce of a thousand pair of eyes.

Are you perhaps wondering why? I’ll tell you. I am a usual casual jean and polo. Tomboy, if you may. I needed to show them that I just choose not to look hot and that I can be when I want to.

The lecturer came in and even he noticed me. I smiled inwardly. Winner! My inner girl threw her fists in the air.

Boom! There was suddenly and explosion. The nearby building exploded and was razing down and before we could think what was going on, we heard another deafening bang. The isolated building of our classroom started to collapse, the bomb shook the foundations. Everyone was shouting and screaming, trying to get out but how many people would.

Boom! Another explosion right inside the building. Put on your diapers, I am about to tell you something that would make you wet your pants.

I looked around, it was a messy sight. People were hurt. Hmmm, no, do not bother, drop the diapers, I changed my mind. I don’t really like it when adults wet their pants. It’s a sad shame.

Another bomb and another bomb. The building was falling. A handful of people managed to escape. But I was not running. I was just lying there; I was not hurt, however.

Another bomb and the building came crashing down, the glasses shattered and the bricks came falling down, on us, on the people who were hurt but could not run away. I closed my eyes and covered my face with my hands.

OH death! Is this you?

I suddenly woke up; I must be dead and going to face judgment any minute. I started to count my sins. I should not have dressed to kill. I was being punished for seducing people. I felt awful, my hands hurt. Do dead people feel any pains? I wondered. I opened my eyes and tried getting up but I could not. It was very dusty and smoky and I realized I was sandwiched between blocks. I was supposed to be dead! How was I still alive? I managed to pull myself out of the blocks and stood up. I staggered and looked around.

‘Elle,’ I heard a voice I recognized in the smokes. The lecturer who was teaching. ‘Come on, we have to get out of here.’

‘What about the others I mumbled? And why am I not dead? I should be dead.’ I looked down at the crumbs I had just come out of.

He called out again and I started to walk towards the voice. I heard another bomb and I fell down with the force. I tried standing up but could not, I tried to listen, and I realized I could not hear. I suddenly started to ascend without my control. Oh, so I was dead after all, I thought. Was I flying? Wow, that feels totally cool. I should just be allowed to return to tell the story of flying. It would definitely knock off my younger brother’s socks.

Then I woke up panting, it had all been a dream and I was late to school. I hurriedly got ready and when I opened the wardrobe, the shorts and crop top was grinning at me. I picked them and dumped in the trash.

Never! Never!

I texted my best friend from infancy.

“If you ever get me that sort of clothes again, I’ll literally hang your head for the vultures.”




~Nicole Planofort


  1. I’ve been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thank you, I will try and check back more often. How frequently you update your web site?


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