Aggrieved group of the All Progressive Congress in Somolu LGA were not satisfied over the outcome of the party elections held in the LGA. They held a protest, which was lead by comrade Balogun Joseph, who said that the structural plans of the party is under threat by a minority group and may affect the success of the party come 2019 elections. In his statement he said that

there were no elections held. Rather the chairman of the congress committee was the one who shared the postions equally among the two factions. He went futher to express his grieviance over the desatification of kuye/Dulla over the proposal earlier make by the Oshiyemi group for equity in the distribution of positions in the LGA. The party national leader, Ahmed Bola Tinubu and the state party chairman, Babatunde Balogun, based on the outcome of the congress decieded the sharing ratio be 14:12 across the wards and LGA. Giving Kuye/Dulla group 14 and Oshiyemi 12. Kuye/Dull group were still not satisfied yet. Because their initial list which was 24:3 was not only forged but unlawful and undemocratic as to be compared with that of Bariga LGA list which has authorisation sign by five person.


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