2019: Apple to Unveil new Air-pods and others
2019: Apple to Unveil new Air-pods and others

There are indications that Apple is currently    working on unveiling upgraded sound devices of air pods, over- end ear headphones and homepods at the beginning of 2019.

According to report from Bloomberg, the electronic giant is working on an upgraded model of its Airpods, a new model of homepod and a noise-cancelling over the ear headphones

The report stated that the future Airpods will have features like noise cancellation, water resistance mode, and is going to expand its health related hardware by an ongoing discussion to add biometric sensor which would monitor the heart rate.   The report said that for the over-ear headphones, Apple has discussed working with Tymphany, a Primax Electronics Ltd. subsidiary that makes consumer and professional audio systems. It is also expanding production to Foxconn to increase quality of the new version of Homepod as it switches production from Inventec, the report revealed.


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